Advanced Technology Development Centre


FACILITIES: ATDC is facilitated for MEMS and Micro Electronics, Bio-MEMS, Optical-MEMS, AVLSI, Plant & Genetic Engg, Microfluidics, Nano Structure, Metrial & Devices, Bio Energy and Advanced Computing. Laboratories are well equiped with latest technology , simulation softwares and clean room.

ACADEMIC: Centre has academic programme for M.Tech (ECS), M.S and Ph.D.


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Inter Disciplinary Research & Development Centre

About Us

Advanced Technology Development Centre (ATDC) established in July 1998, is an interdisciplinary research centre carrying out investigations in emerging areas that typically involve researchers from multiple disciplines and niche academic programmes at the postgraduate level. At present the Centre caters five major thrust areas electrical, physical, biological, mechanical and chemical sciences by coordinating some of the activities of common nature scattered over various Departments and bring them under a common programme for setting up a Centre of Excellence. The aim of this Centre is to achieve excellence in R&D using latest technology at the global level and produce trained professional manpower for the industry. In addition to many of the core engineering and science departments several state-of-the-art research units of the Institute carry out research under the academic umbrella of ATDC. These include the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory, MEMS Design & Processing Laboratory, Micro science Laboratory, Advanced Laboratory for Plant Genetic Engineering, Communication Enpowerment Laboratory, Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell, Centre for Theoretical Studies, Microfluidics Laboratory, GM CRL on ECS, P.K. Sinha Centre for Bio-Energy, Centre for Railway Research, etc. A large number of interdisciplinary research projects are carried out under ATDC. Although Ph.D./MS programmes are the major academic activity of ATDC, the Centre has started M.Tech. programme on Embedded Control and Systems (ECS) in 2011. Faculty members and researchers from various Departments take part in implementing the programmes undertaken in ATDC.