Embedded Controls and Software

Advanced Technology Development Centre

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The course will cover Design, Analysis and Implementation of high quality, functionally accurate embedded software systems incorporating complex intelligent control mechanisms across a wide range of hardware and software platforms. The course will address design issues to Performance, Power / Energy, Fault Tolerance, Real-Time Operations, Safety-Criticality, Communication, Security, Parallel / Distributed Implementations, Software Engineering, etc. It will incorporate design of relevant applications, development of CAD tools and include a comprehensive Laboratory experience. The course is expected to be Interdisciplinary and Collaborative in nature and will be taught by faculty members from several departments along with industry and other external experts. It will include possibilities of industry based projects, sponsored candidates and participation in national level programs. Research-orientation shall be a focus of this course which aims at developing new methods of intelligent control and software technology.


The aim is to achieve excellence in research on next generation Cyber Physical Systems and produce trained professional manpower for the industry.


To provide students the qualities that enable them to design and build optimized and best performance solutions for Embedded Controls and Software. To achieve this the department.
  • Invites experienced faculty members from all academic research areas for teaching the students
  • Provides opportunities to the students to work in close collaboration with multiple advanced laboratory setups across the institute like
    • NPMASS(National Program for Micro and Smart Systems), Govt. of India Lab
    • Advanced VLSI Lab
    • Real-Time Embedded Systems Lab
    • Advanced Control Systems Lab
    • Formal Methods Lab