Dept. of Physics & Meteorology, I.I.T Kharagpur


Prof S.K.Ray
In House Facilities
Molecular Beam Epitaxy Unit (SIVA32 by RIBER,France) with two Effusion cells, two e-beam assisted evaporators, in situ RHEED and RGA systems. Vacuum made by combination of ion pump, Ti sublimation pump and Cryo pump with base pressure 10-10 Torr. Recently upgrading to Si/Ge system.
2. RF magnetron Sputter System,( E306A by Edwards, UK) with Langmuir probe attachment, for high-K dielectrics.
3. Thermal and e-beam evaporation system, (Leybold, Germany) for metallization.
4. DC magnetron Sputter System, (Hind High Vac, India) for Ti, Ta deposition
5. Thermal evaporation for metallization (Hind high Vac, India) for Al, Au deposition
6. Microwave Plasma System for ultra-thin gate dielectrics (like SiO2, Si2N3, etc)
7. Tube Furnace for thermal annealing, oxidation (dry) etc up to 1200 C with PID controller
8. Muffle Furnace (Max temp. 1200 C)
9. Closed cycle He-gas cryostat (APD Cryogenics, USA)
10. Fully automated system for measurement parameters like Resistivity (dc/ac), Magnetic susceptibility, Hall mobility etc as a function of temperature from Room Temperature down to 12K. including Current-voltage (I-V), Capacitance/Conductance -Voltage (C-V/G-V) measurement up to 200 C
11. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy (RHK Technology, USA)
12. Rapid Thermal Annealing System (max. ramp rate 220 C/sec to 1200 C)
Research Projects (completed)
a) CSIR project - "Growth and characterization of strain and band gap engineered Si1-x-yGexCy films for silicon heterostructure devices applications". PI - Prof S K Ray
b) European Commission project (In collaboration with Queen's University of Belfast, UK) "Growth of ultra thin films of SiGe/SiC on Silicon and design of high speed silicon HBT" Co-PI - Prof S K Ray
c) INSA project - "Ion-induced dry etching of perovskite ceramic and silicon based thin films for electronic applications" PI Prof S K Ray
d) DOE project - "Development and characterization of application specific BIPOLAR array and ECL gates" Co-PI Prof S K Ray
e) DRDO project - "Development of strained layer SiGe films for MOSFET applications". Co-PI Prof S K Ray
f) MHRD project - "Synthesis of nano-sized non-oxide ceramic powder and fabrication of bulk and thin film nano-composites". Co PI Prof S K Ray
g) DST project - "Synthesis of nano-sized ceramics and study of sintering kinetics of the powders" Co-PI Prof S K Ray
h) CSIR project - Magnetic and Electrical transport properties of disordered materials. By V. Srinivas
i) ISIRD Project - Surface Modification on thin films using Scanning Tunneling Microscope. By V. Srinivas.
j) CSIR Project - Creation and Characterization of Nano-size Structures on Metallic and Semiconductor surfaces using STM for Novel Quantum Devices By B.K. Mathur
Other Activities
1. M. Tech and M. Sc. Projects
2. Rendering service to other laboratories
3. Development/ upgradation of facilities
Research Interests
1. Semiconductor Hetero-structures eg. Si/SiGe, Si/SiGe/SiGeC
2. High-k dielectrics e.g. (Ba,Sr)TiO3, SrBi2Ta2O9 in thin films for DRAM/FRAM applications.
3. Ultra-thin Gate dielectrics e.g. SiO2, SiON, ZrO2
4. Shallow junctions and shallow doing for devices (N2 implantation using PIII)
5. Nano-structures fabrications (Porous Silicon and nano Ge-dots)
6. Giant-Magneto-resistance (in oxides and metal systems)
7. Magnetic and Electrical properties novel magnetic materials.
8. Metallic glasses, Quasi-crystals and Nano-phase materials.
1. Dr M.V.H Rao, Dissertation on "Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of thin film growth phenomena"
2. Dr Bibekananda Panda, Dissertation on "Processing and Characterization of lead-lathanum-zirconate-titanate and barium-strontium-titanate thin films"
3. Dr Asit Kumar Kar, Dissertation on "Scanning Tunneling microscopic and spectroscopic Investigations of Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites" 4. Dr Chumki Saha, Dissertation on "Ion assisted processing of polycrystalline Si, Si-Ge films and their oxides"
5. Dr Pranabesh Barua, Dissertation on "Synthesis and characterization of low dimensional Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystals"
6. Mr Siddheswar Maikap, Dissertation on "Ultrathin dielectrics on Sige/SiGec layers for heterostructure MOSFET applications"
7. Mr A. Perumal, Dissertation on " Magnetic and electrical transport properties of Mn substituted Fe-Zr reentrant magnetic glasses"
1. Prof B.K.Mathur , designation : Associate Professor,
email : , Ph(off) (03222)83826,
Field of interest : exptl condensed matter physics, x-rays, STM
2. Prof S.K.Ray., designation : Professor,
email : ph(off) (03222)83838
Field of interest. : Microelectronics, SiGe Devices, Thin films
3. Prof V. Srinivas, designation : Associate Professor,
email : ph(off) (03222)83848
Field of interest : Amorphous materials, GMR, magnetism
4. Dr Achintya Dhar, designation : Asst. Professor
email : Ph(off)(03222)81908
Field of Interest : Thin films, sensors, MEMS
In house Instruments
MBE System
Philips (X'Pert)MRD
X-ray Diffractometer