Who we are:

The Advanced Laboratory for Plant Genetic Engineering (ALPGE) is committed to providing educational programs that encourage and elevate public understanding of science and scientific research. Our education efforts aim to heighten public awareness that plant biology, genetics and new biotechnology applications play a central role in modern agriculture, global food production, human health and nutrition and environmental sustainability including the use of green energy. We provide a broad range of educational opportunities for people of all ages to embrace science, advance their own knowledge and make personal connections to the Centre. By “sharing our”, we strive to inspire a scientifically informed citizenry and importantly, the next generation of plant scientists.


The Center has a team of researchers. Research team leaders, referred to as Principal Investigators, have strong interdisciplinary research skills with diverse training and are committed to collaborations between research groups within the Center, as well as with other researchers across the globe.

The ALPGE currently employs nearly 45 individuals. Of these, more than half are scientists/scientific staff. The ALPGE has a strong national presence and commitment. The ALPGE has developed collaborations with educational and research institutes in India.

How will ALPGE research benefit humanity:

This century offers us challenges unparalleled in human history. How will we produce enough food to feed the world. How can we improve the production and sustainability of agriculture around the world? The aim of research at the ALPGE is to understand plant process in order to aplly this knowledge to improve the human condition. Using both model plant and crop plants, our research is manifested through developing breakthrough discoveries that help us understand and alter specific gene function to improve the production value of targeted crop plant.

The ultimate goal of our plant research is to improve the human condition in many ways, the most significant stumbling block has been not the research and discovery process but the ability to translate this science to agriculture and commercial products. The ALPGE is committed to moving our discoveries from the laboratories to the field. For products with commercial potential, the ALPGE teams with biotech companies within the country to fund research and development. For products that can be benefit India, we seek partnerships with both private and public foundation and institution in the home country to help move projects forward.