Advanced Technology Development Centre


FACILITIES: ATDC is facilitated for MEMS and Micro Electronics, Bio-MEMS, Optical-MEMS, AVLSI, Plant & Genetic Engg, Microfluidics, Nano Structure, Metrial & Devices, Bio Energy and Advanced Computing. Laboratories are well equiped with latest technology , simulation softwares and clean room.

ACADEMIC: Centre has academic programme for M.Tech (ECS), M.S and Ph.D.


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Inter Disciplinary Research & Development Centre

Research Laboratory/Centre

Micro-Nano Technology

Advanced VLSI Design Lab.

Microscience Laboratory.

Advanced Laboratory for Plant and Genetic Engineering.

Microfluidics Laboratory.

Communication Empowerment Laboratory.

Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell.

General Motors Collaborative Research Laboratory.

Center for Theoretical Studies

P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy.

Centre for Railway Research.

Hi-Performance Heterostructure Devices Laboratory.