Training Program on "Safety Data Analytics"

15th April 2013 to 18th April 2013

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Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur organizes a Training Program on " Safety Data Analytics" from 15th April, 2013 to 18th April, 2013.


Why Safety Data Analytics?

Every year companies allocate a huge amount of resources in terms of engineering, behavioral, organizational, and law and enforcement interventions in improving safety of employees. These measures directly or indirectly generate a big safety data set through inspections and audits, incident and accident investigations, etc. which are large in volume and variety (e.g., texts, video, and numerals) and come from different sources. Management wants to systematically analyze these data to predict accident patterns and accordingly employ resources to prevent accidents and injuries. This course is intended to achieve this. Therefore, the objective of the course is:

  • To build in competency on the fundamentals of data analytics and its applications to accident and incident data analysis that will help participants in collecting, describing , exploring and analyzing safety data to predict the patterns of accidents in advance and to provide necessary decision support system in preventing accidents.


Who Can Attend?

  • Executives, engineers, data analysts, and administrators from all industrial and consulting firms
  • Scientists and research scholars from research laboratories
  • Teachers and research scholars from the academic institutes
    The participants will be given the participation cetificate for the training programme duly signed by the competent authority of IIT Kharagpur.


Course Contents:

  • Safety data
    - Types, sources and characteristics
    - Collection, recording and reporting
    - Visualization, charts and probability distributions.
  • Safety data exploration
    - Clustering
    - Principal component analysis
    - Factor analysis.
  • Accident prediction
    - Multiple regression
    - Logistic regression
    - Classification and regression trees
    - Association rules
    - Neural networks
    - Time series analysis.
  • Safety related decisions
    - Leading and lagging indicators
    - Safety programme effectiveness
    - Decision analysis
  • Case studies with software demonstration


Course Coordinator:

Dr Jhareswar Maiti

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur