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Short-Term course on "Data Analytics with SAS"

July 1-4, 2015
Registration Latest by 22nd June, 2015
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W. E. Deming once said, “We believe in God, all others must bring data”. This is exactly the status of business today. Every organization is equipped with avalanche of data; some are structured while others are unstructured. In addition, data are generated from different sources. As data speak the truth, the major differentiator of a successful organization from an unsuccessful one is that the former has the capability in data analytics. So, today an organization’s competibility lies in its competency in data analytics.

Data Analytics is all about sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis and predictive as well as prescriptive modeling used towards building competitive strategies based on data-driven insights that in turn generate impressive business results. Exemplars of analytics are using new tools to identify their most profitable customers and offer them the right price, accelerate product innovation, optimize system performance, and the true drivers of financial performance. Data analytics aroused on a strong foundation by bringing together a diverse body of knowledge from applied statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, optimization, consumer behavior, risk management, operations research and decision theory. As the use of analytics growing rapidly, need of skilled analysts, who understand the data, sift through the information and help solving the business problems, is inevitable in future.

With the growing support of analytics software, practitioners can solve complex problems related to business transactions, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, etc. SAS covers the entire gamut of data analytics and provides platforms for data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, text analytics and Optimization and Simulation.

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering of IIT Kharagpur with their proven expertise in data analytics has come forward to train interested participants.

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