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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Fabrication and Installation of Furniture in Library and Common Room at RP Hall  
  Aerospace Engineering
Procurement of USB based Multifunction Data Acquisition unit  
Procurement of Mass Flow Controller with Pressurizing Pump  
Procurement of Centrifugal blower with Variable Frequency Drive  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of Microprocessor Controlled Plant Incubation Chamber and Peltier Cooled Compartment  
Procurement of Trinocular fluorescence Stereo Microscope with camera attachment  
  Advanced Technology Development Centre
Procurement OF I-V TRACER  
  Computer & Informatics Centre
Procurement of Passive Networking Materials for Network Expansion and Maintenance Work  
  Civil Engineering
Procurement of Workstation  
Procurement of Automatic Ring and Ball (R&B) Apparatus including all necessary accessories  
  Chemical Engineering
Procurement of Interrogator with accessories  
Procurement of Automation and Data Acquisition for Pull Testing Machine  
Scarves for 64th Annual Convocation  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Amendment - IIT/ECE/ENQ/MEMES/6/2018-19  
Procurement of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  
Procurement of Steady-State PL  
Procurement of Tip Enhance Raman Spectroscopy  
Amendment - IIT/ECE/ENQ/MEMS/3/2018-19  
Amendment - IIT/ECE/ENQ/MEMS/7/2018-19  
Amendment - IIT/ECE/ENQ/MEMS/8/2018-19  
Amendment - Correction of Email ID  
Amendment - Date Extension  
Procurement of Magnetron Reactive Co-Sputtering system  
Procurement of Humidity Controlled Probe Station  
Procurement of FURNACE  
Procurement of Electron Beam Evaporation System  
Procurement of Electrochemical Workstation(Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat)  
Procurement of Bench Top Centrifuge  
  Electrical Engineering
Procurement of High Voltage and Current Probe  
Procurement of Fixed and Mobile Work Stations  
Procurement of Equipment for augmenting the Li-ion battery laboratory  
Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (Isolation Transformer, 3-phase, 25KVA, 50 Hz)  
Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (Auto Transformer, 3-phase, 50 Hz)  
Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (Three leg two level inverter with DSP, sensing and protection)  
Installation of 12kWp (DC Bifacial) Solar Array Installation at Bidisha Ashram  
Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (Torque Transducer)  
Procurement of Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (3-phase 15 kW squirrel cage induction machine)  
Procurement of Developing Motor Test-Bench Facility (Three leg two level 25kVA inverter)  
Developing Motor Test-bench Facility (Isolation Transformer, 3-phase, 25KVA, 50 Hz)  
Procurement of Numerical Directional Overcurrent, Differential Protection and Single Phase Overcurrent Protection Relays  
Procurement of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Procurement of Window- Type Air Conditioner  
  Electrical Works
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/07/2018-19  
CORRIGENDUM III - IIT/E/E&M/T/08/2018-19  
Providing & Laying of Underground cable from 33 kV sub-station to 33 kV substation of Hospital  
Renovation of Transportation Engineering Laboratory and creation of additional faculty offices in the Civil Engg. Dept.  
Procurement of 22 X 14 W, 32 X 24 W, 52 X 28 W, 62 X 36 W FTL T5, 8 Slot Electronic Ballast  
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/07/2018-19  
S.I.T.C of cable from MMM Hall main panel room to 1st floor kitchen DB  
Procurement Tempra Plug & Socket DB, Metalbody, Double Door DB, LED Tube, LED fitting, Starter, Fan, Socket and Switch  
Annual Maintenance Contract of Inverter and Battery sets in Main Building Premises  
Procurement of 18 W/865 PL-L4P Lamp  
Construction of deep tube well at VSRC (G+7) Campus  
Construction of deep tube well at Balarampur Pump House  
Providing fitting & fixing of 75 H.P. Submersible Pump  
  Establishment Section
Procurement of Digital Postal Franking Machine  
  Civil Works
Construction of pump room near quarter No. A-30 in New Campus area  
Renovation for painting, sanitary/rain water pipeline and some plumbing fittings at KV School Building  
Construction of Atal Tinkering Lab in Kendriya Vidyalaya  
Repair of road between RDC and Helipad  
CORRIGENDUM - Sr. EE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/029  
Enlistment of Contractors at IIT Kharagpur (Class - D, Category - Civil)  
CORRIGENDUM 1 - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/022  
CORRIGENDUM 2 - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/022  
Covering of TOAT including lighting, electrification, air conditioning, etc. for the 64th Annual convocation at IIT KGP.  
Routine civil maintenance work for Academic Area at IIT Kharagpur (Part I)  
Routine civil maintenance work for Academic Area at IIT Kharagpur (Part-II)  
Corrigendum - Sr. EE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/030  
Modification of Chandi Mandir Gate  
Quotations for providing Insurance coverage to persons, examination material and Online GATE / JAM 2019 Exam  
  Hall Management Centre
Providing Centralised Laundry Service to Halls of Residence  
Procurement of Compact Drinking Water Cooler cum Purifier  
Corrigendum - IIT/HMC/PUR/EQ/WC&PURIF/2018/1  
Supply and arrange different types and colours of flowers in original  
Composite job work involving trimming of tree branches in Academic & Hall Area  
Composite job work involving trimming of tree branches in Old & New Campus Area  
  Mechanical Engineering
Procurement of Controlled Atmosphere Chamber and a Portable Table  
  Mining Engineering
Procurement of RO Storage cum Purifier Full Stainless Steel Water Cooler  
Procurement of Autofocused Microscope with Image Analysis System  
  Materials Science
Procurement of Multichannel battery channel analyzer  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Procurement of Single Lever Arm type Creep Testing Machine  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Procurement of 5-Hole Pitot Tubes with Pressure Transducers and Data Acquisition System  
  P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy
Procurement of Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph with accessories  
Procurement of Extrusion press with accessories  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/PKSC/EFC/RB/2017-18/EQ/2 & 3  
  Centre of Railway Research
Procurement of High end workstations with UPS backup for railway research  
Procurement of Workstations with UPS backup for use with twin-disc machine  
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Supply of Refrigerant (R-22), 2 cylinders of 61 kg each  
Procurement of Automatic Welded Wire Mesh Machine  
  DHI Centre of Excellence on Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Procurement of Micro Friction Stir Welding (Robot Assisted) Machine  
Procurement of Table Top X-ray diffractometer  
Procurement of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) System with IoT Gateway  
Procurement of Computers and Servers  
  Water Works
Construction of deep tube well at VSRC (G+7) Campus  
Construction of deep tube well at Balarampur Pump House  
Providing fitting & fixing of 75 H.P. Submersible Pump at Anicut Pump House, No.3  
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