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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Installation of plaque (glass board) for Founding Batch Endowment Campaign  
Corrigendum - IITKGP/AAIR/PUR/CG/FURNITURE/2018-19/021  
Supply of Commercial Cab Requsition for Annual Alumni Meet 2019  
  Aerospace Engineering
Procurement of GPS L1 + IRNSS L5 IF Data Recorder cum Receiver  
Supply and Installation works of Venetian Vertical Blinds for the Annex Building  
Supply of Spectrometer components  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer(AAS)  
Procurement of Data Acquisition System and Sensors  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/AGFE/BOI/NM/EQ - 3  
Supply of the Automatic Universal Titrator  
Procurement of Freeze Dryer  
  School of Bioscience
Procurement of Fluorescence Stereozoom Microscope  
Supply of Plant-Microbe Growth Chamber  
  Computer & Informatics Centre
Procurement of Document Camera for CIC  
Procurement of L3 switches  
  Civil Engineering
Corrigendum - IIT/CE/ENQR/MMG/AC/2018-19/30  
Procurement of Split Air Conditioner  
Procurement of Laboratory scale mixers for mixing bituminous and soil mixes  
Procurement of Equipment for Transportation Engineering (UG) Laboratory  
Procurement of Glass panel for the sand Box Model  
Procurement of SS tank for the model Hydrology System  
  Central Research Facility
Procurement of Real-Time PCR machine  
Corrigendum - IIT/KGP/S&P/CRF/FESEM/2018-19  
  Center for Robotics
Supply, installation and commissioning of one Force Torque Sensorfor mounting on robot wrist  
Procurement of installation and commissioning of Motorized Treadmill  
Procurement of installation and commissioning of one 5/6dof Serial Manipulator  
Supply, installation and commissioning of two Camera  
Supply, installation and commissioning of Mobile Robots  
  Chemical Engineering
Supply of Research Grade Advance Rheometer System  
Procurement of Sieve Plate Distillation Column  
Procurement of Tabletop Plasma Cleaner  
Procurement of Solar Simulator  
Procurement of Fume Hood  
Procurement of Rotary vacuum evaporator with vacuum pump  
Supply of UV-VIS-NIR spectro photo meter with External Diffuse Reflectance Accessory  
Procurement of High Performance Apochromat Stereo Zoom Microscope  
  Cryogenic Engineering
Corrigendum - IIT/CRYO/ENQ/PED/PG/COMP/2018-19/2  
Procurement of Desktop  
Supply of PC  
Purchase of CNC-EDM Drill Machine  
Corrigendum - IIT/CRYO/ENQ/CEM/TKN/CNC-EDM Drill/2018-19/01  
Procurement of LCR Meter  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement of Ultra-High Performance Active Vibration Isolation System  
Procurement of Cybersecurity solution with Real Time Simulator  
Procurement of GPU Workstation  
Procurement of GPU Desktops  
Procurement of GPU Workstation  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Up gradation of Four Point Probe Measurement Setup  
Supply of Optical table top with passive vibration isolation support  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/EC/HRM/KD/18-19/EQ-2  
Procurement of 40 nos of UPS batteries  
Procurement of Thermal Imaging Camera  
Procurement of Probe Sonicator  
Procurement of High speed GPU enabled System  
  Electrical Engineering
Procurement of Software and Hardware for development and validation of supervisory controller system for a plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)  
Corrigendum - IIT/EE/OTG/SM/EQ/2018-19/08  
Corrigendum - IIT/EE/ENQ-08/AR(EMBL)/18-19  
Procurement of Data Acquisition Card and Evaluation Board  
Procurement of Programmable DC Power Supply  
Procurement of Multimedia Projector and Document Camera  
Procurement of Full HD Video Conferencing 1080p Camera Speakerphone with Expansion Mics  
Supply of Analog oscilloscope CRO  
Supply of Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO  
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/EE/OTG/SM/EQ/2018-19/03(Extended Date)  
  Electrical Works
Supply of HT Cable Indoor End Terminationation Heat shrinkable type  
Procurement of Electrical works associated with routine maintenance work of Electric Power Distribution Section  
Electrical wiring of new building at Horticulture section  
Procurement of Electrical Maintenance Work in Institute Main Building, different Departments/Centers/Schools etc.  
Electrical works associated with Shifting of 6.3MVA, 33kV/11kV existing power Transformer  
Reply to Pre-bid queries  
Electrical works for Thermodynamics Combustion and CFD Lab  
Electrical works associated with Temporary Tikka shop  
Illumination in the surrounding area of VGSOM  
Electrical Renovation Work in Department of Computer Science and Engineering  
Electrical Maintenance Work under Institute Academic area  
Supply of hot diped octagonal GI pole including cable entry box  
Electrical Maintenances of all Halls of Residences  
Electrical Maintenance Work at different places in Campus  
Electrical works associated with providing energy metering panel board  
  School of Energy Science & Engineering
Procurement of Class AAA Portable Solar Simulator  
Procurement of In-situ Laboratory Bioreactor  
Procurement of Electrochemical Workstation with Multichannel Chassis and EIS facility  
  Civil Works
Corrigendum-1 - SE(C )/IIT/TEN/2018-19/082  
Providing & fixing coil fencing over perimeter boundary and construction of Security post  
CORRIGENDUM - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/082  
CORRIGENDUM - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/074  
Supplying, Fabricating and Installing modular furniture for Kitchen including Wall Cabinet and Cupboards  
Tender for Design and Construction of Industrial Shed of size 80mx50m including 2 nos.7.5 MT EOT crane at IIT Kharagpur  
Pre bid replies  
Auction for trimmed branches  
  Industrial & Systems Engineering
Procurent of HPC infrastructure consisting of multiple high throughput server nodes  
  Medical Science & Technology
Extension - IR Plethysmograph - Finger Clip  
Procurement of IR Plethysmograph - Finger Clip  
Procurement of Inverted Fluorescence Microscope  
  Mechanical Engineering
Supply of Gasoline Direct Injection Kit with Open ECU for a Single Cylinder Engine  
Supply of Thermal Flow Chamber  
Supply of Dual Channel Syringe Pump  
Procurement of Refrigerated and Heating Circulator  
  Geology & Geophysics
Procurement of Broadband Seismometer with 24 bit 3 channel Digitizer  
Procurement of Dry Batteries  
Procurement of Solar Panels  
  Mining Engineering
Supply, installation and commissioning of Automation and Data Acquisition for Pull Testing Machine  
Procurement of Computer  
Repairing of Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Integrated Air Condition Unit  
Procurement of 3D Printer and Accessories  
Corrigendum - IIT/PHY/18-19/T.ENQ/046/INL/01  
Procurement of DC Regulated Power Supply, Function Generator and Digital Multimeter  
Procurement of CNC Lathe Machine  
Procurement of Mixed Domain Oscilloscope  
Procurement of Camera Lens  
Procurement of 10KvA UPS with Batteries  
Supply/Installation of CF view ports and EV aporation cells for deposition system  
Supply/Installation of Vacuum Sealed furnace tube  
Corrigendum - IIT/PHY/1819/T.ENQ/056/CLAB/UPS/1  
Supply of Optical Spectrum Analyzer  
Procurement of 20 KVA true online UPS system (3 phase input / 3 phase output)  
Procurement of One-box Computer controlled, Fully automated, Diode Laser based Femtosecond Oscillator system  
Procurement of BBO crystal for Type I collinear Spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC)  
Procurement of UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer  
  Materials Science
Supply of Gas Permeability Apparatus  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Camera, Imaging and Spectroscopy by SEM and EDS  
Corrigendum-2 - IIT/SRIC/MME/DGL/IM/18-19/EQ-3  
Procurement of High Temperature Laboratory Tube Furnaces  
Procurement of Battery Cycler  
Supply/Installation of Electrochemical Workstation with Impedance Spectroscopy facility  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Supply of Motion Reference Unit for Marine Applications  
Procurement of Pillar Type Bench Drilling machine  
Procurement of Digital Inclinometer / Pro 3600 Digital Protractors  
  School of Nano-Science and Technology
Procurement of Data Acquisition System  
Corrigendum - IIT/SNST/OTG/NNetRA/2018-2019/08  
Procurement of DPSS Laser  
Procurement of High-end Rack Server  
  P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy
Procurement of VACUUM OVEN  
  Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship
Supply of Peristaltic Pump for Multi-fluidic Bioreactor  
Supply of Microwave reactor/extractor system  
Procurement of Optical Microscope with Camera and Software  
Procurement of Microwave Assisted Synthesis System  
Procurement of Surface Area Analyser  
Procurement of Gas chromatography  
Procurement of Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SFE) System  
Procurement of Rotary Vacuum Evaporator  
  Rubber Technology Centre
Supply of DIN Abrasion  
  DHI Centre of Excellence on Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/CoE_AMT/DHI/2018/EQ24  
Procurement of Computer Server and peripherals  
Supply, Unloading, Installation and Commissioning Track for the Industrial Robot  
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