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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Yearly Publications of Office of Alumni Affairs  
  Aerospace Engineering
Supply of L-shaped seven hole pressure probes  
Supply of Microphone with Pre Amplifier and Sound Level Meter  
Procurement of Optical Table for UG/PG Thermoacoustic Test Bench  
Procurement of Schlieren System for UG/PG Thermoacoustic Test Bench  
Procurement of Hot-Wire Anemometry (HWA) With Accessories  
Procurement of Digital Oscilloscope  
Procurement of Vibration Meter for Vibration Measurement  
Procurement of Multi-function Generator  
Procurement of Accelerometer and Compatible Signal Conditioner  
Procurement of Laser Doppler Vibrometer for High Frequency Vibration Measurement  
Procurement of Composite Curing Oven  
Procurement of Electrodynamic Shaker and Compatible Power Amplifier  
Procurement of Dynamic Pressure Measurement System for UG/PG Thermoacoustic Test Bench  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of Digital Viscometer  
Corrigendum - IIT/AGFE/JM/NOV/19-20  
Supply of UV Vis Spectrophotometer for Low Volume sample analysis  
Procurement of Pneumatic Dead Weight Tester  
Procurement of -86 degree Celcius Deep Freezer  
Corrigendum - IIT/BT/HOD/SBDG/19-20/BAL/ENQ-8  
Procurement Automated Protein Purification System  
Procurement of Thermomixer  
Spares for Laboratory Scale Fermenters and other Analytical Equipments - Ultrasonic probe sonicator  
Corrigendum - IIT/BT/AG/2019-20/HOD/ENQ-07  
  Civil Engineering
Procurement of Chain Saw for Flat Jack Apparatus  
Procurement of RICE apparatus for determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity  
Procurement of 6 Channel FFT & CPB analyzer  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/CE/RBT/AD/19-20/EQ-1  
Supply of High Performance Workstation  
Procurement of Bomb Calorimeter  
Procurement of 5 kN servohydraulic UTM with load cells  
Procurement of 2-Channel (minimum) Arbitrary Function Generator  
Procurement of Vicat Apparatus with Dashpot /Cube Mould (70.6 mm) /Vibration Machine for Cement Test  
Procurement of Digital length comparator for determining shrinkage potential of concrete mixes  
Procurement of Half cell potentiometer for measuring corrosion potential of concrete  
Procurement of Motorized laboratory shear vane apparatus  
  Chemical Engineering
Procurement of Ultrasound Probe Sonicator  
Procurement of GPU Serve  
Procurement of Programmable spin coater with vacuum pump  
Procurement of Programmable DC power source  
Procurement of Vapour in Air Diffusion Experimental Set Up for UG Laboratory  
Procurement of Experimental set up for study of loading flooding characteristics  
Supply/Installation of Continuous Gas - Solid Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide onto Molecular Sieve Experimental set up  
Procurement of UItrapure Water Purification System  
Procurement of an Online 6 K V A UPS with 30 Minutes battery backup  
Procurement of a Water Chillar Unit for a Single crystal Xray Diffractometer  
Extention - IIT/CY/FUR/EQ21/2019-20  
Supply and Installation of Venetian Vertical Blinds and Frosted Window-glass Films  
  Cryogenic Engineering
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/CR/EFR/PG/19-20/EQ-14  
Supply and Assembly of Cryogenic Tanks, Pipes and Valves  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement of Server  
Procurement of Ineractive Pen Monitor  
  Central Workshop & Instruments Service
Comprehensive AMC for Audio Visual System  
  Centre for Computational and Data Sciences
Supply of 2 CPU-based Servers  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Supply of Manual Probe Station System  
Procurement of High Performance Computation Platform  
Corrigendum - IIT/ECE/ENQ01/AS/ISIRD/1920/01  
Procurement of 40 GHz 2-Port Vector Network Analyzer  
  Electrical Engineering
Supply of 200 MHz 4 Isolated Channel Bench-Top Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Procurement of Multimedia Portable Projector  
Supply of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Procurement of Rotary Flexible Joint  
Procurement of Solar Emulator cum DC power supply  
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/EE/OTG/SM/EQ/2018-19/03(Extended Date)  
  Electrical Works
Comprehensive Maintenance of Water Works Pump House  
Procurement for Electrical stores for regular maintenance works  
Fixing charges for 1094 nos. 4ft. 18 watt LED tube light  
Electrical works associated with Installation of New power connection  
Arrangement for input power supply to KVA UPS and associated power distribution at Sir J C Bose Annex  
Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of sports Lighting in TSG  
Procurement for Electrical stores for regular maintenance works in the various area  
Electrical works associated with Mortuary  
Annual Maintenance of Fire Detection, Fire Alarm & Fire-fighting of Kolkata Extension Centre  
Supply Installation, testing & commissioning of lift door drive in existing lif  
Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Electronic Boom Barrier System supposed to be installed  
  Civil Works
Renovation of room no 114 in Chemical Engg. Lab  
Repairing, Renovation and Remodelling work at VGSOM  
Providing and fixing of aluminium partition at 2nd Floor RCGSIDM  
Routine Regular Civil Maintenance Work of Zone 4  
Consultancy for Repair and Rehabilitation of Radar Tank  
Routine Civil Maintenance Work in Academic Buildings Zone 1  
Routine Maintenance Work at New Residential Campus  
Reply to Pre-bid Query for NIT No.IW/CE/NIT/1920/117  
Procurement of 63A, 4P,16KA, MCCB  
Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services for Sewerage System  
Replies to Pre-bid Queries for NIT No.IW/CE/NIT/1920/112  
Mechanised cleaning and House Keeping of Nalanda Classroom Complex  
Corrigendum - IW/CE/NIT/1920/112  
Replies to Pre-bid Queries - for NIT No.IW/CE/NIT/1920/107  
Corrigendum - IW/CE/NIT/1920/107  
Solid Waste Collection, Transportation, Handling and Disposal  
  Hall Management Centre
Empanelment of Agencies for providing Contractual Labour for Mess Operation  
Corrigendum - IIT/HMC/OS-M/CONT/1/2019  
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/HMC/OS-M/CONT/1/2019  
Procurement of Moulded plastic chairs without arm-rest  
Tree plantation beside newly Constructed water body near Pump House No. 3  
General Conditions of Contract  
  Industrial & Systems Engineering
Supply of Refurbished reefer container (ISO 6346) with warranty  
  Medical Science & Technology
Procurement of High Performance Cryostat  
Supply of Electrochemical Analyzer / workstation  
Procurement of Bacteria and Yeast Electroporation System  
  Mechanical Engineering
Supply of Manufacturing of Bi-Axial Loading Equipment  
Procurement of Steam Generator  
Supply, installation and commissioning of High Performance Real-Time Embedded Industrial Controller and Modules  
Procurement of Gold palladium target to perfectly fit with Quorum make sputter coater  
  Geology & Geophysics
Supply of Depth Echo Sounder and Turbidity Sensor  
Supply of Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging Camera with accessories  
Supply of Radon emission detector  
Procurement of Digital Gravimeter  
  Mining Engineering
Procurement of 3 Phase 10 KVA Voltage Stabilizer  
Procurement of Rack Servers, SAN Storage & KVM Switch etc.  
Procurement of He-Ne Laser  
Procurement of 100 MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Procurement of CCD Camera  
Procurement of Multi-Channel Function Generator  
Procurement of FTIR instrument  
Procurement of Precision wire saw with accessories  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Supply of 3 - AXIS LOAD CELL (100N)  
Corrigendum - IIT/NA/PLAN/HOD/EQ-17/2019-20  
Procurement of Portable Type Dust-cum-Fume Collector Machine  
  School of Quality & Reliability
Supply of Window Blinds  
  Rubber Technology Centre
Supply of DIN Abrasion  
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Corrigendum IV - IW/RAC/2019-20/34  
Operation and Comprehensive Maintenance for HVAC Plants  
Repairing& Servicing of 2 No 8.75 TR Ductable Split AC Unit at Geophysics Lab  
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of buried chilled water pipes for AC system  
  Stores & Purchase
Supply of 3D printers with FDM technology  
Supply of vehicle with fuel, driver and 03 nos of manpower to collect the garbage  
Supply of Cesspool machine of 3000 liters capacity with fuel, driver and manpower  
General Conditions of Contract  
  Telephone (Technology Telecom Centre)
Design and erection of Cell phone Tower and other associated works  
Corrigendum - IIT/Mobile Tower/2019-20  
  Technology Film Society
Procurement & Installation of 4K DLP Cinema projector with Integrated Cinema Media Processor  
  Water Works
Purchase of dosing chemicals for Water Treatment Plant  
General Conditions of Contract  
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