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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Supply and printing of identity cards  
Supply and Printing of Year Book 2018 for 64th Annual Convocation  
  Academic Section
Procurement of Jute Carry Bags (with water proof lamination inside the bag)  
Procurement of Degree Certificate Folder  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of High Temperature Tube/Arc Furnace  
  Computer & Informatics Centre
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/CIC/Meghamala-II/2018-2019/02  
Procurement of Cloud Computing System  
Procurement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System subscription license  
  Civil Engineering
Procurement of High performance Workstation  
Procurement of Workstation  
  Central Research Facility
Corrigendum - IIT/KGP/S&P/CRF/UPS/2018-19  
Procurement of 15 kVA 3 Phase On-Line UPS and 15 kVA Step Down Transformer  
Procurement of Analytical/Semi-microbalance  
Corrigendum - IIT/CRF/XRD/JD-(2)/2018  
  Chemical Engineering
Procurement of Distributed Sensing Equipment/Interrogator  
  Cryogenic Engineering
Procurement of 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement of Xilinx Virtex Evalution Kit, Nexys 4 FPGA Board, JTAG Programmer and Xillinx Vivado with DPR licence  
  Central Workshop & Instruments Service
Comprehensive AMC for Audio Visual System  
  Electrical Works
Procurement of Pl Lamp and Copper Conductor flexible Cables  
Converstion of the existing standalone 9 kWp, solar power plant into grid connected system  
Electrical works associated with repairing & rewinding of different type of fans and motors in different academic departments & different Halls of Residence at IIT Kharagpur  
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/53/2017-18  
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/51/2017-18  
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/44/Old (38)/2017-18  
SITC of 08 passengers MRL Lift in Kendriya Vidyalaya  
Electrical works associated with retrieving of existing cables from the Feeder Pillars and relaying of cables in another route  
Procurement of Armoured XLPE cable  
Painting of street light poles at different places in the Institute campus  
Replacement of old unserviceable Electrical panel in Supersonic wind tunnel room of the Aerodynamics Laboratory  
Procurement of Single Wildcard SSL Certificate along with Installation for ERP  
Procurement of Photocopier, Scanner cum Printer in a Single Device  
Corrigendum - IIT/ACSSC&ERP/ENQ/2018-19/Copier/01  
  Civil Works
Amendment -XI - HSCC/SES/IOT/2017  
Renovation of Room No. 211-A, 211-B, 201 & 203 in the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering  
Synthetic enamel painting of all cycle shed at MMM Hall of Residence  
Renovation of music room with wall paneling with perforated acoustic board at RK Hall of Residence  
Routine maintenance work at Old Residential Campus (Zone-B)  
Routine maintenance work at New Residential Campus (Zone-A)  
Routine maintenance work at New Residential Campus (Zone-B)  
Renovation works in Unit Operation Lab of Chemical Engineering Department  
CORRIGENDUM 1 - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/01, 02, 03, 04  
Routine maintenance work at Old Residential Campus (Zone-A)  
Roof treatment and other ancillary work at rear portion of Old Gymkhana Building  
  Technology Students Gymkhana
Supply of bedding set and other components as hired basis  
  Industrial & Systems Engineering
Procurement of 01 Number of Water Dispenser/ Water Cooler  
  Mechanical Engineering
Procurement of High Speed Camera  
Procurement of Laser Energy meter for a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser  
Procurement of Portable Industrial Data Acquisition System  
  Geology & Geophysics
Procurement of Fusions 10.6 CO2 Laser Stepped Heating System  
Procurement of High-resolution Spectrometer with Interchangeable slit option for wide range of applications  
  Materials Science
Procurement of Winding machine for Lithium Ion Cylindrical and prismatic Cell  
Procurement of Multichannel battery channel analyzer  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Corrigendum - III - IIT/SRIC/MME/SHW/RM/2017-18/EQ-1  
Supply of Closed loop high frequency resonance testing machine  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/MME/SHW/RM/17-18/EQ-2  
Procurement of Microhardness Tester  
Corrigendum II - IIT/SRIC/MME/SHW/RM/17-18/EQ-3  
Corrigendum - III - IIT/SRIC/MME / SHW/ RM / 2017-18/EQ-2  
Procurement of Creep Crack Growth Testing Machines  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/MME/GCM/RM/18-19/EQ-2  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Procurement of 5-Hole Pitot Tubes with Pressure Transducers and Data Acquisition System  
  P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy
Procurement of Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph with accessories  
Procurement of Extrusion press with accessories  
Procurement of Horizontal Autoclave  
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Re-Installation of Split Air Conditioner  
  Vinod Gupta School of Management
Purchase of Text Books for MBA, EMBA & PGDBA students  
Mechanised cleaning of the 66 nos. toilets  
Mechanized cleaning of the floor area of NCRC  
Renewing of commode and HCI pipes, Annual cleaning works and Repairing and Construction of Manholes  
  DHI Centre of Excellence on Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Procurement of 450 kV Micro / Mini focus Computed Tomography system  
Procurement of 50 kN Universal Testing Machine  
Procurement of 5-axis CNC submerged-type Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine  
Procurement of Apochromatic grade stereo zoom optical microscope  
Procurement of Metallurgical optical microscope  
Procurement of High resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)  
Procurement of Multichannel electrochemical system  
Procurement of Grinding-Polishing Machine for Optical Microscope and SEM Application  
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