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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Printing and Supply of Yearbook 2017  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Supply of Window Air Conditioner  
Procurement of Water Cooler Cum Purifier  
  Advanced Technology Development Centre
Supply of Cryogenic sorption pump with dry vaccum backing pump  
  School of Bioscience
Supply of Real Time PCR  
Supply of Complete Protein Purification System  
Supply of Liquid Nitrogen Container for Cryostorage on Roller base  
Supply of Anerobic workstation  
Supply of -86 C freezer  
  Civil Engineering
Procurement of Cyclic Triaxial Testing System  
Corrigendum - Cyclic Triaxial Testing System  
  Cryogenic Engineering
AMC of Liquid Nitrogen Plant Reverse Stirling Cycle based Modular Nitrogen Plant  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Supply of 2 no. GPU Server/Workstation  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Supply of 2KHz Binocular Eye Tracker  
  Electrical Engineering
Supply of Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
Supply of Anthropomorphic ultrasound imaging phantoms for training and research  
Supply of AC & DC electronic load (single-phase)  
  Electrical Works
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/T/10/2017-18  
Electrical Maintenance Works at different Halls of Residence  
Procurement of Ceiling Fan 56'', 48'' (1400, 1200 mm) sweep  
Diversion of power supply from S/Stn No.13A to S/Stn No.13 for better load management.  
Procurement of 400 mm sweep wall fan  
Supply of 45 W LED street light fitting with surge suppresser of higher than 4kV rating  
  School of Energy Science & Engineering
Procurement of High Performance Computing (HPC) Workstation  
  Civil Works
Renovation of Corridor and Rooms (F 204, F302, F 215) In the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.  
Proposed chain-link fencing at various areas of IIT Campus  
Renovation of faculty rooms in Rubber Technology Center and aluminium partition of Room in Physics Department  
Corrigendum - SE(C)-IIT-TEN-2017-18_40  
Corrigendum - SE(C)-IIT-TEN-2017-18_46  
Routine annual maintenance work for Academic area (Part-II) buildings  
Corrigendum - SE(C)-IIT-TEN-2017-18_45  
Routine annual maintenance work for Academic area (Part-I) buildings  
  Guest Houses
Procurement of Deep Freezer  
  Technology Students Gymkhana
Procurement of AC  
Construction of temperature controlled illuminated Green House Facility  
  Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management
Procurement of Cube Software Modules  
  Industrial & Systems Engineering
Procurement of Air Conditioners for Workstation Laboratory  
E-Business Centre of Excellence Laboratory Renovation  
  Medical Science & Technology
Supply of NVidia GPU Supported High-Speed Workstation PC  
Procurement of Biosafety Cabinet  
Supply of Furnace  
Supply of Laser Tube  
  Mechanical Engineering
Supply of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser  
Procurement of Inverted Optical Microscope  
  Mining Engineering
Procurement of 1.0 Ton Split AC  
Procurement of Winter 56 litre Air Cooler (2 nos)  
Procurement of Winter 56 litre Air Cooler (4 nos)  
Procurement of 2.0 Ton Split AC  
Procurement of Diamond Saw Cutting Machine  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Supply of Vibration Shaker  
Supply of Data aquisition system  
Supply of Rotor dynamic simulator and sensor  
  Dean (Planning & Coordination)
Supply of Scarves for 63rdAnnual Convocation  
  P K Sinha Centre for Bio Energy
Procurement of Flocculation Unit  
  Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship
Corrigendum - High Performance Computing Server  
Procurement of High Performance Computing Server  
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Supply of Wafer type Butterfly Valves and Balancing Valves  
  Vinod Gupta School of Management
Design and Printing of the VGSOM Annual Placement Brochure 2017  
Corrigendum - IIT/VGSOM/EQ/17-18/06A (Rack Mountable Server)  
  Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy
Supply of NMP Vapor Extractor  
Procurement of NMP Vapor Extractor  
Procurement of Thermal Imaging Camera  
Integrated Mosquito control of entire campus (Residential, Academic & Hall area) for one year at IIT Kharagpur.  
  Water Works
Annual repair and maintenance in connection with plumbing and water supply at IIT Campus  
Installation of Iron Removal Plant at back side of new technology guest house  
Operation and maintenance and Cleaning & washing works  
Installation of Iron Removal Plant in-front of CRR building  
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