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  Alumni Affairs & International Relations
Printing Alumni Annual Report 2016-17  
  Academic Section
Procurement of Degree Certificate Folder  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of Rheometer / Rapid Visco Analyzer  
  School of Bioscience
Procurement of Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge  
Procurement of Single Chamber-CO2 Incubator  
Supply/ Installation of lnverted Fluorescence Microscope with Camera  
Corrigendum - IIT/BT/S-/ENQ-1/COI/17-18  
Corrigendum - IIT/BT/S-/ENQ-3/IFM/17-18  
Supply/Installation of CO2 Incubator with Heat Sterilization  
  Computer & Informatics Centre
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) for Campus Networking  
Procurement of Optical Fibre Cable Maintenance Tools  
  Chemical Engineering
Procurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement of High Performance CPU-GPU Cluster System  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Procurement of Optical simulation software  
  Electrical Engineering
Procurement of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope  
  Electrical Works
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/E/E&M/NIT/47/2016-17  
Electrical Works associated with newly converted workshop into new Bio-electronics Innovation laboratory  
Replacement of 250W MH light fittings with LED light fittings  
Rewiring of vacant faculty quarters  
Corrigendum - IIT/E/E&M/NIT/43 & 44/2016-17  
Replacement of old feeder pillar with conventional switch fuse units and installation of new feeder pillar  
Electrical maintenance work in different department, centres at S R Complex  
Electrical maintenance work in the Institute Academic areas including Nalanda Class Room Complex  
  School of Energy Science & Engineering
Inert Gas Glove Box Work Station  
Procurement of -86C Freeezer  
  Guest Houses
Tender to serve the Convocation Lunch and High Tea  
Tender for decoration of the venue for hosting the Annual Convocation lunch and High Tea  
  G S Sanyal School of Telecommunications
DQPSK Modulator and Laser  
  B C Roy Technology Hospital
Appointment of Consultancy Firm for Procurement of Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture & Accessories  
  Hall Management Centre
Procurement of Steel Frame Study Chairs  
Tree Plantation work at IIT Kharagpur Campus  
  Central Library
Procurement of Rack Servers, GPU Servers, and Storage System  
Corrigendum - IIT/LIB/EQ/BNA/2016-2017/6  
Servers, Storage, and Network Infrastructure for National Digital Library Disaster Recovery Site  
  Medical Science & Technology
Procurement of NVidia GPU Supported High-Speed Workstation PC  
  Mining Engineering
Procurement of 2.0 Ton Split AC  
Procurement of Bomb Calorimeter  
Procurement of High Performance Computer (HPC) Servers  
  Materials Science
Fully automatic microhardness tester  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Supply of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)  
Corrigendum - Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) [ IIT/SRIC/MME/RMO/GGR/2016-17/EQ-2 ]  
Supply of Gas Fired Rotary Hearth Furnace for sponge iron production  
Corrigendum 3 - Extension of tenders  
  Continuing Education Cell
Furniture and augmentation of interiors for Office of Dean(CE)  
  Rural Development Centre
Window Air Conditioner  
  Vinod Gupta School of Management
Procurement of Photo Copier on buyback basis  
Corrigendum - Procurement of Photo Copier on buyback basis [ IIT/VGSOM/ Copier/2017-18/50/A ]  
Procurement of books for its students for the session 2017-18  
  Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/AE/RLN/SS/2016-17/EQ/1  
4 compute nodes for upgradation of existing computing cluster  
Procurement of Soil Moisture Meter  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/EE/CEI/KB/ 2017-18/EQ-21  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/EE/CEI/KB/ 2017-18/EQ-22  
Procurement of GOLD TARGET  
Supply of vehicle with fuel, driver and labourers to collect/cleaning and dumping dustbin, dead animals, cutting grass & shrubs  
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