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  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Supply of Medium Scale Freeze Dryer System  
  Civil Engineering
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/SATHI/ENQ/2020-21/UTMFURNACE-02  
Supply, Installation, Commissioning, and trainig in operation of UTM with furnace for high temperature testing of concrete and steel structural components  
  Chemical Engineering
Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 10 KLD MBSST based Advanced Wastewater packaged Sewage Treatment Plant  
Supply of FTIR spectrophotometer with DRIFTS attachments along with temperature controller  
Procurement of Immersion Cooler With Flexible Cooling Coil  
Corrigendum - IIT/CY/PLAN/ENQ-43/2020-21  
Procurement of Spare parts/accessories for Malvern GPC  
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/CY/PLAN/SPARE/EQ43/2020-21  
  Cryogenic Engineering
Procurement of Tecplot 360 and Pointwise Software  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Supply of V100S Tesla GPU card with Server  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Purchase of High Performance Computation (HPC) platform  
  Electrical Engineering
Supply of Wavect real-time control platform  
  Electrical Works
Supply erection testing and commissioning of 33 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)  
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of the three number sewerage pump house  
Transformer Oil filtration, DGA Testing of Oil of the three 33 kV/11kV Power Transformer  
Electrical Modification & Renovation work  
Electrical maintenance and renovation Work  
  Civil Works
Modification of one vacate room in ground floor to create a new laboratory-II for ERP section  
Civil routine maintenance Nalanda Class Room Complex  
External Face- Lifting of Nalanda Class Room Complex  
  Medical Science & Technology
Cancellation - IIT/SMST/ENQ-13/BMukherjee/2020-202  
Procurement of 3D Bio-plotter and 3D printer  
Procurement of Advanced Rheometer for Viscoelastic characterization of Polymers & Complex fluids  
  Mining Engineering
Corrigendum - IITKGP/MIN/ENQ-Plan/009/20-21  
Procurement of Indoor LED Module  
Procurement of Jackson Strength Evaluation System  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Procurement of Full field optical 3-D strain analysis system to attach to ultimate testing machine  
  Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences
Purchase of High-end Workstation with Intel Xeon Platinum 8170 Processor 26 Core 52 Threads  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Corrigendum 2 - IIT/SRIC/NA/CYC/OPS/20-21/C/1  
procurement of towing carriage, control systems and instrumentation for the state-of-the-art Shallow & Deep Water Seakeeping  
  Rubber Technology Centre
Supply of DIN Abrasion  
  Stores & Purchase
Procurement of Desktop PC on Rate Contract  
Supply of 3D printers with FDM technology  
  Water Works
Routine repair & preventive maintenance in connection with plumbing & water supply  
Cleaning & washing of overhead water tanks  
Laying of new UPVC pipe line from 1.35 MLD STP to Hall gardens  
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