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  Aerospace Engineering
Fabrication of Experimental test Setup  
  Agricultural & Food Engineering
Procurement of Micro-volume Spectrophotometer  
Procurement of a Tractor of 24 hp Power  
Procurement of Chlorophyll Fluorometer  
Supply of a Torque Transducer  
Procurement of Oxytherm System  
Supply of a Tractor Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft Torque & Speed Measurement System  
Supply of an Exhaust Gas Analyzer for Diesel Engine  
Procurement of TDR meter for soil water content measurements  
Procurement of a Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine  
Addendum - IIT/AGFE/EQ/Tender/SPECIAL/AB/APM/2018-19  
Procurement of Rechargeable Battery  
Procurement of Mould Board Plough  
Procurement of Milli-Volt Digital Recorder  
Procurement of Slot Cutting/ Keyway Cutting Machine  
Procurement of Hydraulic Sprayer  
Procurement of Electron Capture Detector and GC Column  
Procurement of Environmental Chamber  
Procurement of Laboratory General Chemistry Fume Hood  
Addendum - IIT/AGFE/EQ/Tender/SPECIAL/DKS-05/2018-19  
Procurement of High Capacity Desktop Computer  
Procurement of Microwave Assisted Extraction System  
Water Distillation Plant-Quartz  
Supply of Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  
Construction of 300 mm x 200 mm x 150 m deep tube well at Expt. Farm  
  School of Bioscience
Tender for procurement of Fully Operational Automated Fluorescence Microscope with Camera and Software  
  Computer & Informatics Centre
Procurement of Ethernet Switches for Maintenance of Campus Network  
  Career Development Centre
Tender for Pre-Assessment Test for final year students  
  Civil Engineering
Procurement of Bitumen Blender with Induction Heater  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/CE/DIH/MAR/18-19/EQ-1  
Procurement of Rebound Hammer & Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Instrument  
Procurement of Single Phase Online UPS with Batteries - 10KVA  
  Chemical Engineering
Procurement of Programmable Coriolis Mass Flow Meter  
Procurement of Parallel-flow counter-flow heat exchanger with computer control  
Procurement of Glove Box  
Procurement of Liquid Liquid Extraction in packed bed  
Procurement of Computer controlled Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger  
Procurement of Fluorescence Microscope  
Procurement of Procurement of Rotary Dryer  
Procurement of Double Effect Evaporator  
Procurement of Control Valve Characteristics  
Procurement of Gas Hydrate Autoclave  
Procurement of Temperature Measurement  
Procurement of I/P and P/I Converter  
  Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement of Battery Bank  
Procurement of High Performance CPU-GPU Servers  
  Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Corrigendum - IIT/ECE/ENQ/MWMLAB/AB/2018-19/01  
Procurement of Analytical Balance  
Procurement of 4 nos. VNA Port Cable  
Procurement of Universal IC tester  
Procurement of LCR Meter  
Procurement of Analog-Cum-Digital Trainer Kit  
Procurement of Function Generator  
Procurement of Fume Hood  
Procurement of Ventilated Chemical Storage unit  
Procurement of C-band Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)- Optical Amplifier Unit  
  Electrical Engineering
Procurement of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Bench Top)  
Procurement of 500 MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Bench Top)  
Procurement of Software for Development and Validation of Engine Management System  
Procurement of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Handheld)  
Procurement of High voltage DC power supply  
Procurement of High frequency current probe with external or inbuilt amplifier(AC/DC)  
Procurement of 200MHz, 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Handheld)  
  Electrical Works
Request for new electrical wiring in Room No. 114, and 115 Ground floor of Cryogenic Engineering Centre  
Electrical works associated with power points, sockets and electrical installations in Chemistry Department  
Supply of Connector,Channel,Tape PVC,Loop & Distribution Box,Saw Blade,Rust Lick,M-SEAL,GI Pipe & Strip  
Supply of PVC & FRLS Aluminium and Copper conductor cable  
Supply of MCCB, MCB, Contactor, Astronomical Digital Time Switch, Two Way with Centeroff Changeover Switch  
Supply of Straight Through jointig Kit, Tubular Aluminium, Copper Lugs/terminals  
  Civil Works
Roof treatment work in Quarter No. A-35, KV staff quarters, New 2BR Flats, O.A.T and SAM & Gokhale Hall  
Creating storage area, repairing and painting garden fencing at SAM Hall of Residence and Guest House  
CORRIGENDUM - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/038  
CORRIGENDUM - Sr. EE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/030 (Recall-1)  
Modification of Chandi Mandir Gate  
CORRIGENDUM - SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/036  
Remodeling of wall cladding and false ceiling at Seminar Room of Computer Sc. & Engineering Deptt  
Cancellation -SE(C)/IIT/TEN/2018-19/042  
Rectification of mumty room doors and modification of grills at 2BR 49-112 & 1BR 97-160  
External repair & Face lifting at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering  
Renovation work at 3rd floor Annex Building to set up Project Office for National Digital Library of India (NDLI)  
Extension of National Digital Library of India (NDLI) Project Office in 2nd floor of Annex Building of Central Library  
Partitioning job at Nalanda Class Room Complex Administrative Block  
Construction of entrance gate, benches and repair replacement of seesaw, hanging chains, fencing at Zakir Hussain Hall  
Convert the Gents toilet to Ladies toilet and Gents toilet at Civil Engineering Department  
Comprehensive repair and face lifting at the Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering  
Resurfacing of Bituminous Road at various Areas in IIT Kharagpur campus  
Procurement of Revolving Chairs  
  G S Sanyal School of Telecommunications
Corrigendum - IIT/GSSST/EQ/AC/01  
Procurement of 1.5 Ton 5 star Split Air Conditioner  
  Technology Students Gymkhana
Annual Rate Contract for procurement of Tracksuit and Sports kits  
Comprehensive/Annual Rate Contract for providing Sound System, Photography, Videographer, Poster & Banner  
Corrigendum - IITKGP/TSG/ARC/SS-PG-VD-BN-POS /2018-19  
Comprehensive Annual Rate Contract of Food  
  B C Roy Technology Hospital
Supply, installation and commissioning of ACs  
  Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management
Procurment of Solar Walkway System  
Corrigendum - IIT/SRIC/ID/AID/AKG/ 2018-19/EQ-1  
  Mechanical Engineering
Procurement of Data Acquisition System  
Procurement of Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor  
Procurement of LED Light Panel for High-Speed Imaging  
Procurement of Heating-Cooling Circulator  
Procurement of Single-syringe infusion and withdrawal syringe pump  
Procurement of Pre-assembled 3d printer  
  Geology & Geophysics
Corrigendum - IIT/GG/ENQ/SKB/5/2018-19  
Procurement of Advanced Fully Automated Scanning Upright Research Microscope  
Procurement of Semi-Automatic Lapping and Polishing Machine  
Tender for Rutherford scattering Setup  
Procurement of LCR meter with test fixture and DC bias unit  
Procurement of Experimental setups - Frank-Hertz, Balmer series, Electron diffraction, Inreference of Light, Helium Neon laser  
Procurement of Lockin Amplifier, PCI-GPIB card and accessories  
  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Procurement of Upright Metallurgical Microscope with Digital Camera, Software  
Procurement of Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test System of +/- 100 kN Capacity with High Temperature Furnace  
  Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture
Procurement of Window Air Conditioner 1.5 Tons (3 Star)  
Supply of Air wing NCC Cadets Uniforms Shoes and Accoutrements  
Purchasing of Uniforms and Accoutrement Items for NCC Cadets  
Supply/Installation of furniture items  
  Deysarkar Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Engineering
Procurement of Workstations  
  Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship
Procurement of Analytical cum Semi-preparative HPLC system  
  Rubber Technology Centre
Procurement of Mooney Viscometer  
  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Air Conditioning System for Seminar Room  
Corrigendum - IITKGP/ RAC/CSE/2018-19  
Supply of vehicle (Truck) with fuel, driver and manpower to collect/ cleaning in campus  
Integrated Mosquito control of entire campus  
Supply of Cesspool machine of 3000 liters capacity with fuel, driver and 02 nos of manpower  
Procurement of Wireless Sets and other Equipment  
CORRIGENDUM - IIT/KGP/Security/WirelessSets/2018  
  Water Works
Purchase of dosing chemicals for Water Treatment Plant  
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